I love going to the movies and watching the big screen. Especially the new IMAX, 3D Movies, Motion Seats and Luxury Seats, but I also love staying home on the couch saving money and relaxing with the family. Therefore, I created a thrifty low-cost home concession stand, so my family and I can enjoy the movie experience at home sometimes with money to spare after the movie is over.

This DIY was easy to create and low cost. The popcorn machine was a great find for 20 bucks at my favorite local thrift store. It also came with a bonus. A big and small popcorn bucket. The set up was easy. I already had a stand to use.  I recently bought the basket I used for the chips from the same thrift store, I purchased the popcorn machine. The vintage red soda container I used for storage on the bottom was a great thrift store find from years back. The Air Popper on the floor next to the stand is just extra deco and a healthy option, but truthfully just deco because the rest of the family usually reject anything not popped in oil. All other decor items used on the stand were items I already had around the house. To get the full effect of creating a movie time experience at home I added some wall decor.

1. I added the word movie to give it some flare. I found the letter M at the same thrift store for 1 buck.  I painted the M red leaving streaks from the original color and I added some cloth like letters I already had in my craft stock.

2. I also added some of my kids’ stars they brought home from school, to add some additional flare.

3. I printed out the soda picture and cut and colored it and added the straw for effect and also printed the filled popcorn box and cut it to size.

4. I typed up the word Cinema and the Phrase “Enjoy The Show” in a fancy font and printed and cut it to size. 

5. The last thing I did was use some of my letters in my craft stock to add the Now Showing feature on the popcorn machine.

To sum it up this thrifty DIY was about 23 bucks to make and has allowed my family and me to enjoy many movie nights on the couch

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