Every show is not my show. One of my recent shows was not that great. Mostly because I did not follow my number one note to self, “stick to a theme“. I wanted to show more of my artsy products since it was my first time doing this type of seasonal show. Now, where did I go wrong?

I displayed too many of my artsy items for the show.

NO Theme

I only acquired an area for one table, so all my artsy creations were put together, which made my presentation cluttered to the third power, and did not give an eye-catching appeal.

People did stop by and some even said you have great stuff; however, I did not get one I love your set-up, which is not something I depend on but the public reaction is key to planning shows.

When I took a picture during the event to put on, my Facebook page, I looked at the picture and immediately attempted to rearrange my products, but it was not themed, so it was just clutter moved around.

Well, the show was surely not a good show for me, but I met some great vendors, tasted some delicious fudge, and I bought some come back caramel cake. I will stop with the details here because I am starting to crave some more of that cake and because I somewhat whipped myself, as my elders would say, so I will spare you any more tearful details from my show and just give you my very brief notes to self I made after the show.

Always follow my previous notes to self.

Always have a theme.

Always research all shows.

Do you have notes of your own, to have a better show? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. I hope your next show is a great one.

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