Kicking Off A Season Of ART Easy

Ok, art event season is approaching what do I do. I surely will look back on my Notes To Self from last year. Last year was surely one to remember not only because it was my first year doing shows, but I started this blog, so I will not repeat my no no’s of art shows.
I did an event to kick off the year in January. It was Vision Conference 2018 in Meridian, MS. This event was not an art show nor arts and crafts show, but an event for all those who are entrepreneurs and those who desire to be entrepreneurs gain knowledge on how to put their vision in focus. All vendors were given a table to display their products or information about the service they provide. The people in attendance were given a brief look at what we offered as entrepreneurs. It was a great event with powerful information from some dynamic speakers.

I wanted to have an easy simple setup for this event.  My table was small in size, so I kept my presentation simple. I provided brochures with more details about my art and about me as an artist. I also listed information on how to see more of my art. I had my business cards ready to hand out and I gave out some miniature prints of my art.
This was my table pictured below.(eye-catching themed table with an uncluttered set up)

Tops Notes To Self I need to re-visit:
Research the event fully.

Have a free giveaway at each event.

Have prints of my art on hand for sale.

Have an email sign up sheet.
I have a few new Notes To Self:
Have quality freebies and a good number 
of freebies.

Be confident about your art or craft.

Invest in yourself, so you can have the 
best show.

Don't devalue your art.

Do you have notes of your own, to have a better show? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. I hope your next show is a great one.

This blog post contains my own personal notes. Please see Policies for more information. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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