DIY Low Cost Curtain Headboard

Yes a curtain headboard! I wanted to do a cloth headboard, but I also wanted to save money, so I thought of the curtains I just purchased from the thrift store. The pattern on the curtains was appealing and it was a pair of heavy duty curtains.

After selecting my desired curtain, I disected a big flat screen tv box. It was not quite long enough for a King Size Bed, so I taped a fraction of another cardboard box to it.  I then chose a low cost mattress topper for my stuffing. It was not very cushy, but I chose to spend 10 dollars instead of 40 dollars on a big pre-cut soft and lucious foam piece. I attached the mattress topper to the cardboard with my hot glue gun. It only took a few mintues and a few ouches to do.

Next I chose to cover my cardboard with a pre-cloth since my mattress pad is not the fluffiest. I used a piece of brown cloth I got from my local thrift store. I again used the hot glue gun to tack the cloth down.

Then I covered the brown cloth with the curtain and again used the hot glue gun. I also added a rope border for accent around the headboard. Now the back of the board was nothing nice to see, but once I hung it, it was just a pushed back memory.

Last I attached it to the wall with nails down the side and some poster sticks. I added my usual Throw pillows  and now I enjoy my low cost DIY headboard with a curtain flip.




2 thoughts on “DIY Low Cost Curtain Headboard”

  1. I love the headboard!!! It’s so unique and creative. I never would have thought to do that. You have great work and I really enjoy it!!!

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