Relax and Create

Gaily Abstract Collection

This collection is inspired by Color’s collaboration to create more than just an art piece but exploring the beauty in freedom of creation.

  In The Moment Collection

Inspired by faith, hope and the love for creativity. I use a multi-color design to highlight the word(s) of expressions and sometimes I use re-purposed broken jewelry from thrift stores for a distinctive accent. One word, phrase or accent piece to add that one something that helps bring a creation to life.

  Up-Cycled Bottle Art Collection

This collection is inspired by a lonely unique bottle or one of the same in a thrift store that seems to always call my name and most of the time it gets to go home with me for a makeover. I sometimes have no idea what I will do with the bottle when I get home, but I buy it anyway and allow my passion and mood to guide me. I usually just create bottle Art pieces for family and friends. To Summarize this collection-rescued, transformed, highlighted or made to shine is what bottles, jars, jugs and so on go through for a refreshing transformation.

City Gaze Collection

This collection Is inspired by my love for design and art. I love to gaze at the tall building and unique building while traveling. I also love the view of skylines with all the city lights at night. I get inspired by seeing small towns with history and heart. My paintings are reflected by the mental notes and pictures I take during my travel.

This Collection Is inspired by each beach I have visited. Since my very first visit to the beach and beaches, I would love to visit. I crave that feeling I get when that un-explainable breeze hits my face and I hear the roars of the ocean and the chatter, of sea life. It sounds and feels like sweet glory from heaven, every time I am there! So, when I am painting, I try to put that feeling into my paintings. So this collection summarized is Breezes, sand in between toes, foam covering feet, wet cooling sand, sea shell feast, waves galore, relax, unwind, sunsets, sunrise and all over again.

Art Meet Wood Collection

Painting on wood can be a little challenging sometimes, but rewarding when you have a completed piece. I have only been painting on wood a short period, but like the way, my paint strokes bind with the wood.