My mom found this nice recliner for me at her favorite thrift store for only 3 bucks. yes, just 3.oo dollars. It was barely used. She took it home and did her like a professional cleaning on it. When I was finally able to pick up my jewel I started planning for covering it to match my coastal/beach theme, so I went to her same jewel of a thrift store and bought some linen to cover the couch. I had a five-dollar bag that day with a lot of goodies, so I estimate it cost me about 1.50 total cost or less for the linen I used and about 6.00 for the overall project. Okay, let me get to it.

Supplies used: I used 2 of the largest size linen I could find a King flat white sheet and a queen fitted accent sheet for the top layer sheet, rocks, yarn, and duck tape.

Step One I tucked the big white sheet. I made sure the sheet hung to the floor around the sides and front. Also, I made sure once the recliner let out it still would be covered.

Step Two I wrapped the bottom of the fitted sheet around the seat cushion then I tucked it into the corners of the recliner tightly.

Step Three I tied yarn around the bottom corners of the recliner to help hold sheets in place then I place big rocks in between the cracks to hold sheets down and made sure I informed my son not to remove the rocks nor pick them up temporarily.

Step Four I tied down sheets to recliner foot-rest and tested the tightness then tided with yarn and duck taped the access part of the sheet under foot-rest.

Step Five I tied the back in a nice bow. My fitted sheet was not longer enough to come all the way down, so maybe in the future, I will come across a larger size fitted sheet.

Step Six last I added an accent pillow. (optional)

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