Okay, this easy low-cost DIY came from me being fed up with digging through my scarf bin. I went to my local dollar tree and bought a black stiff board and the other supplies used, I already had at home.

6 Easy Steps DIY Scarf Hanger

  1. I used a yard ruler and marked my spots to punch holes. Two per row.
  2. I placed tape over the spots for extra support.
  3. I punched holes using a hole puncher then I switch to a screwdriver it was much easier.
  4. I cut some strong twine to size. Long enough to tie in the back. I threaded each piece through and tied tightly.
  5. I nailed it to the wall.
  6. I hung the scarves. I folded, hung then tucked behind the other row of scarves, so I can see each scarf. I hung the longest scarves on the last row. I plan to attach another board for my other scarves that could not fit on the board when I am fed up again.

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