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Craft Fair Vendor Tips Blog

5 Top Vendor Tips Notes-To- Self

Here is a quick overview of my 2018 adventure in the world of being an art vendor at different craft and art events. Listed below are my five top vendor tips notes to self.  The Number One note remains the same. Always have a theme. When possible test your theme with a pre-setup before your event. Number Two is to have everything organized. …

Craft Fair Vendor Tips Blog

24 Notes To Self To Be Craft Or Art VENDOR Show READY

24 Artsy Notes To Self in 2017 For Better Shows in 2018 1. Please prepare for wind, rain, etc. to protect your work. 2. Have a free giveaway at each event. 3. Use a large eye-catching sign for free giveaways. 4. Ensure you have a durable display stand for your arts and crafts. 5. Make sure …

Craft Fair Vendor Tips Blog

DIY-Easy Low-Cost Art or Craft Vendor Display Stand

1-Tape two cardboard boxes together with duck tape. Make sure they are long but different height. If the boards are not stout enough to hold your product, stuff the boxes with old clothes or anything you don’t need to use. 2-Glue your selected cover to the box (regular school stick glue worked great with the …