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Bracelet Hanger EASY EASY DIY

Okay, If you have been following my blog posts you probably know by now that most of my posts are not long.  I usually go straight to the how to’s to save time for everyone, so here are the simple easy low cost or for me no cost steps I used to make a bracelet hanger:

  • I used a 11X14 frame I already had at home.
  • I found a piece of cardboard that was sturdy but not too hard to cut.
  • I cut the cardboard down to the size of the frame.
  • I retrieved some paper towel rolls from upcycling stock.
  • I cut one of the paper towel rolls off at about 3 inches then I saved that piece to measure my cut for the other pieces later.
  • I took a colored pencil and used the same 3in cut paper towel roll to draw spaced out circles on the cardboard until I ran out of space.
  • I used a string as my guide to keep my rolls almost even and I used some of my bracelets to test the amount of space I needed in between each hanger.
  • I cut out the holes making sure I cut inside the lines so the holes would not be too big, but have a snug fit.
  • Next, I cut the rest of the paper towel rolls down to size to match the number of holes I had.
  • I stuffed the cut paper towel rolls through the holes leaving about 2in sticking out to hold the bracelets.
  • I added some paint to match my beachy room decor, so it would not look just like a piece of cardboard hanging on the wall.
  • After the paint was dry I added some twine to the frame hanger for support and used three nails to hang and two on the sides for bracing.
  • I placed my bracelets from my cluttered jewelry box on the hangers.
  • The words were later added as a little self-inspiration.

Now I can see clearly what bracelet I want.  The clutters is gone and I did not spend one cent. Everything used was items I already had at home. If you like the bracelet holder check out this link for my DIY jewelry hanger.



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