Low Cost Gift DIYs

I strart my Christmas Gift planning with the thought of how can I save money and what can I DIY for gifts this year? I am all about saving and I love Thrifty and unique creations, so I let my creative mindset turn on and break free. I created these DIYs for gift giving and

Loving Thrifty Easily

Loving Thrifty that’s me. So easy to love being thrifty when you save needed money. I have different levels of being thrifty. Yes I love thrift stores, yard sales and clearance sales, but I also love repurposing to save money. Also I have developed a focus on using thrifty recyclables to cut down on my

Easy Simple Recliner Cover

My mom found this nice recliner for me at her favorite thrift store for only 3 bucks. yes, just 3.oo dollars. It was barely used. She took it home and did her like a professional cleaning on it. When I was finally able to pick up my jewel I started planning for covering it to

Easy And Uniquely Front Door Decor

I wanted something different and a little artsy. So I decided to match my front wicker chairs covers with an almost cost free front door unique design. Supplies Used:  16×20 Frame 8×10 Canvas Blue permanent marker Ruler Flowers from my stock Wire cutter Command Strips Five Easy Steps: My frame was already painted from a

Easy NOT Marble Counter Tops

I wanted marble countertops, but my budget was like I don’t think so, so I decided to do a thrifty project to give me the feeling of having marble without actually having marble. Okay here are my simple steps. I ordered my marble contact paper. I ordered extra for repairs. I prepped my counters by