My second event was on the first Saturday in May.  Meridian, MS Art Walk. It started at 11 AM, which means, I did not have to rush my family out the door as I did for my first event. I had in mind all my notes to self, from my first event, as I made ready for the Art Walk. This event was downtown Meridian along the sidewalks in front of participating businesses.

What did I get right this time?

I had no tent this time because they were not allowed, just one long table, and end tables that worked okay.

I had all my supplies organized in a neat little carry tote.

I had an item to give away free to promote my art.

 I even had enough time to cover the bottom of the table this time.

Ok, I know you want to know how did it go overall.

I was still not prepared enough for the fierce wind.

I used duct tape to keep my art down.

I did not give a spectacular display because I was playing tag with my artwork.

I also should have had a bigger sign for my free art giveaway.

On the bright side, it was great exercise running in the wind and I met more artsy friends and great people from the business community. When the event ended. I had a few more notes to self, some were repeats with a big red caution sign flashing through my mind.

1. Please prepare for wind, rain, etc. to protect your work.

2. Please use a large eye-catching sign for free giveaways.

3. Please ensure you have a durable display stand for your products.

Do you have notes of your own, to have a better show? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. I hope your next show is a great one.

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