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24 Notes To Self To Be Craft Or Art VENDOR Show READY

24 Artsy Notes To Self in 2017 For Better Shows in 2018

1. Please prepare for wind, rain, etc. to protect your work.

2. Have a free giveaway at each event.

3. Use a large eye-catching sign for free giveaways.

4. Ensure you have a durable display stand for your arts and crafts.

5. Make sure everything is well organized.

6. Be an early bird to set up the booth.

7. Have at least two people to assist during the event.

8. Bring a booth blending stool or chair.

9. Don’t order updated business cards two weeks before the show unless I am 100% sure I will receive them before the show. 

10. Do buy a traveling cart to haul all my stuff in one trip if possible, so I nor my husband will be covered in sweat before the event starts.

11. Do invest in prints of my art.

12. Do have a newsletter sign-up option during the event.

13. Make sure my sign that reads I take credit and debit cards is visible.

14. Don’t forget to help spread the word about the next upcoming art event.

15. Always have a theme.

16. Always use a tablecloth for an eye-catching appeal and to hide boxes, pulls, etc.

17. Always research all shows.

18. Have quality freebies and a good quantity of freebies.

19. Be confident about your art or craft.

20. Invest in yourself, so you can have the best show.

21. Always bring snacks.

22. Have an email sign up sheet.

23. *Research arts shows and arts and crafts events you want to take part in the year before the event because most big shows registration date ends by the end of the year prior to the event.

24. Always follow my previous notes to self. 

Do you have notes of your own, to have a better show? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. I hope your next show is a great one.

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