Okay, another Art Walk came and went. There was a lot of artists on site to meet and greet the people as they journeyed through. My journey¬†at this Art Walk was great, but not without its learning moments. I followed most of my main do’s and don’ts of Arts and Crafts Shows, but I do have a few new notes to self to add.

Do bring my ice pack or other cooling items to keep cool during hot outdoor shows. ( I used a small freezer ice block wrapped in a scarf and put it around my neck. I looked funny, but it worked great. I was not drenched in sweat.)

Make sure my free giveaway item is visible and eye-catching.

Make sure my sign about free giveaways is big and eye-catching. (Mines was not)

Keep all patrons hands-on art projects at a low-low cost or no cost to the patrons.

Do my homework, so I will know ahead of time when I should make a small booth or a full booth.

Group likely priced items together.

Display prices of lower priced items. ( I must do this next time)

Hang both side curtains next time to create a walk-in experience.

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