I went, I showed and I conquered the October Art Walk in Meridian, MS. The weather was nice with no wind battles. I was truly thankful I did not have to do a picking my art off the ground marathon during the Art Walk. The foot traffic was a lot better than the last show. Leading up to the Art walk I did my best to ensure I conquered all the reminders on my previous notes to self; however I did not do everything on my previous notes to self, but overall it was a great showing. I made only a few sales, but the public interaction and information received from other artists on site were priceless. I will spare you from all the long details of the event and just go right to the notes to self I made after the Art Walk.  🙂

1. Do keep having a themed booth.

2. Arrive earlier next time, so I can have enough time to put up backdrop curtains and other accents.

3. Do keep having a giveaway at each event.

4. Always create an eye-catching sign for giveaways.

5. Do pack well and put everything in order.

6. Stop devaluing the price of my art and I say it again stop it!

7. Don’t order updated business cards two weeks before the show again unless I am 100% sure I will receive them before the show. (Note-I received them when I got home in the mailbox after the show.)

8. Do buy a traveling cart to haul all my stuff in one trip if possible, so I nor my husband will be covered in sweat before the event starts.

9. Do invest in prints of my art for the next event.

10. Do have an email sign up option during the event.

11. Make sure next time my sign that reads I take credit and debit cards are not still in my supply bag. 

12. Don’t forget to help spread the word about the next upcoming art event.

Do you have notes of your own, to have a better show? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. I hope your next show is a great one.

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