About The Artist

I am a Mississippi Artist with Alabama Roots. From my first doodle to my first art competition, I have been a person who loves to create. If I don’t have the freedom to create, I will surely be in a funk. I love all levels of creating from painting, drawing, hands-on re-purposing, spur of the moment art, photo creation, flower arrangements and everything that allows me to get artsy with my creations. I have a great love for creations with hues of blue, green and earth tones. I also love the flare of cityscapes, the calming of the ocean shores and art creations with a multi-color flip. I am a faith-driven artist who is thankful for each moment I am given to be free in creativity. Thank you for your interest in my art creations and if you choose to take in the online view or purchase one of my creations, I hope it brings you great joy.

My Inspiration

Nature is, of course, a big inspiration. I fell in love with the beach and many of God’s Great Creations. The beauty of his creations sets me in creativity mode. I am also inspired by the love for old things not to be forgotten. There is nothing like finding a deserted old glass bottle in a thrift store and watch it find a new light.  My children also inspire me with only a smile sometimes or words they speak that makes me unspeakably. I have many other inspirations including people known and unknown. My art goes where my day takes me.

Bashful Blue

DIY Tray and Pear Makeover

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