6 Simple Steps-Thrifty Tray Makeover

My thrifty re-make for the week is my movie/tea/breakfast/everyday tray makeover. The tray had a cloth like surface, so it was not friendly to stains and was somewhat plain. I decided it was time for a tray facelift, inspired by some old maps I found cleaning. I used a fraction of the map to make my tray over. The makeover was very easy to do. Just 6 simple steps and I had a thrifty made over tray.

Step One- I chose my tray surface cover (a map) and cut it to size.

Step Two- I applied a water-resistant glossy glue sealer to the back of the cut piece of map.

Step Three- I put the map on the surface of the tray, sealer side down and smoothed it out.

Step Four- I applied the same sealer as a top coat to the map and let it dry.

Step Five- I painted the inside sides with a cool blue acrylic quick drying paint and let it dry.

Step Six- I applied the same sealer to the painted inside area and let it dry.

Now I can snack while watching a movie, sipping my tea or enjoying breaskfast using my thrifty made over tray. Also I don’t have to worry about the many spills I will make.

Thrifty Tray Makeover- Step By Step Layout

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